When international artists ambitiously jot down their career bucket lists, “Play Respect Thursdays In Los Angeles,” is almost always a prominent goal. The worldwide renowned establishment has played a significant role in premiering some of the most exceptional talent drum and bass has to offer, while maintaining a sense of quality and community with its patrons. From legendary artists as monumental as Goldie down to the freshest breakthrough talent, anyone that shares a collective love for the music is welcome to the events themselves.

Spearheaded by Rob Machete and his partner Justin Force in parallel with the esteemed Junglist Platoon, the team has recently announced their 18th Birthday Party, at a relatively larger 500+ capacity venue known as Project LA.

With lyrical legend Armanni Reign hosting the night, this party is sure to be one to go down in the books forever. Sharing the stage with these drum and bass pioneers would be ScoobaMC Dre, and Junglist Platoon, a collective of MacheteClutchScoobaNoFace and Drone.

You can purchase tickets to this epic event here.