Australian-based music publication Stoney Roads pointed out in a recent article that “Way You Are,” Fetty Wap‘s newest single released in February of this year, contains a staggering level of similarity with a song released by Wave Racer more than three years ago.

Both songs contain the exact same chord progression, and are defined by an almost identical, future bass synth. If you’re already acquainted with Wave Racer’s old “Stand Still” remix, the beginning of Fetty Wap’s track should sound startlingly familiar. Fetty Wap’s version even contains several of the high pitched vocal cuts that give “Stand Still” some of its unique identity.

Whether or not Fetty Wap was inspired by Wave Racer is yet to be seen, but according to Stoney Roads, the Australian producer has said nothing about the allegations over his social media.

As we wait for a response, listen to each of the songs in question below.


H/T: Stoney Roads