Just when you thought TennysonMr. Carmack couldn’t sound any better, Monstercat native Laszlo is back once again to prove listeners wrong. Simply said, you don’t wanna miss this one.

In an unlikely pairing, the Dutchman has combined his signature “space house” sound with the electronic R&B masterpiece “Tuesday” off of Tennyson & Mr. Carmack’s collaborative EP Tuesday Wednesday Thursday. While many remixes often struggle between glorifying the original and showing off the ability of the remixer, this particular edit manages to find some great middle ground, retaining the smooth nature the original offered, but with a unique club twist.

The result of this combination makes for by far one of the most unique works Laszlo has ever pieced together, especially within its airy, flanger-fueled drop (which is unlike anything I’ve heard in production prior). Just like the original artists, Laszlo is proving himself to be quite the innovator… and innovation is exactly what the house scene needs right now.

Listen to Laszlo’s edit of “Tuesday” below and grab your free download here: