If you haven’t heard of Holly yet, it’s safe to say you’re living under a rock; perhaps a sound-proof rock, at the bottom of the ocean. He’s been cranking out tunes and making a name for himself over the last few years and it is definitely paying off. Some of the biggest names in the game support his tunes (think Bassnectar and Steve Aoki) and his style is all his own. And while the big names bring the hype, we’re especially stoked to see Holly supported by so many of our favorite underground imprints.

Case in point: his latest EP, Bushwick, which was just released by the one and only Saturate! Records. It features 7 original tracks, none of which sound anything alike. From start to finish, Bushwick highlights this artist’s talent for blending genres; trap, future bass, dubstep and more all make appearances with no break in the energy. His sound design is nothing to sniff at either, evolving from rough and raw to smooth and shimmering and back again. In following with this desire to share the creation experience with others, each track on the EP is a collaboration with another burgeoning bass hustler (like LUZCID, for example.) And it doesn’t stop with the originals either; Conrank, Yunis, Pleasure, and several others are on remix duty, rounding out the EP with insane re-interpretaions.

As always, Saturate! has made Bushwick available as a name-your-price download. You can stream Holly’s latest project in full after the jump; be sure to grab a copy if you’re feeling the vibes. In the meantime, we’ll leave you with some thoughts on this release from the man himself. Happy listening!

“This EP stands for all the gold days that we have an opportunity to taste in our life; that we don’t give the right value sometimes. Bushwick is one of the most famous avenues in Brooklyn, where I spent a few days in the past month of February and where I met so many wonderful & creative souls that made me reflect about the amount of time we put in our path & our own work; it makes us miss some important moments of our life. In that way, I thought that ‘Bushwick’ would be the perfect name for this project in which I joined a couple friends I’ve met through this journey to make an EP. ‘Bushwick’ stands for happiness, reckless atitude, anything you want, your waste of time on social media, your waste of time with people you really hate and don’t care about, your thoughts about your wealth, your thoughts about your future that make you miss the present. It stands for all the bad thoughts that sometimes go through our mind, that we even fear to write down. It stands for you. This could be just a few more random words that you will read through your day, but yo: if you do, make sure you enjoy your life while you stay here.” – Holly

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