Calling all bananas, in case you hadn’t heard, Dada Life is bringing back their trademark Compound tour, except this time, it’s the Compound Evolved. As Stefan and Olle prepare to take Dada Land to the next level, Your EDM got the chance to chat with Olle about current trends in music, how Dada Life differentiate themselves, and what Dada Land means.

Hey Olle, you guys are getting 2017 started off right with the Compound Evolved, tell me what were some of the highlights of 2016 for you?

“Wow! No idea, we’re just looking forward! Ask us about which show was the best, and we’ll answer: the next!”

The Compound is all about the hard core Dada Life fans, we all know about the fans in banana suits; how did you guys cultivate such a close and unique relationship with your fans over the years?

“Actually it’s not for the hard core fans, it’s for everybody. Dada Land is open to everybody. You don’t need to know anything about Dada Land, just come with an open mind and get ready to lose yourself for the night.”

Summer and festival season are fast approaching, what else do you guys have planned touring wise after The Compound Evolved wraps up? Can we expect to see you guys at the major festivals?

“Of course! But I have no idea which festivals have announced their lineups yet so I can’t really answer…”

Dada Life and you guys’ sound is pretty well established. Are you guys looking to try anything new musically this year or to try and cross over into mainstream pop music as other EDM artists have?

“We never think like that. When we started our music was out of fashion and not mainstream at all, then everybody caught on and wanted that sound. Now everyone is looking somewhere else. We’re just trying to do the music we don’t think exists. Once you start thinking strategically about music – hmm, if we add a little of that – you’re doomed. You might as well work with PR instead.”

Tell us an artist you guys are a fan of, or listen to regularly, that your fans would be surprised to hear?

“Haha, everything we listen to outside of electronic music would surprise our fans. On the other hand I don’t think our fans can be that easily surprised. Check out Yngve Stoor. Or Kjartan Sveinsson.”

What music and other stuff can the fans expect from Dada Life in 2017 and beyond?

“We’re in the studio recording a lot of music so basically A LOT of music. We will also release our second plugin very soon. I know we have said that before and fans of the Sausage Fattener are probably tired of hearing us saying it again and again. But this time it’s actually finished. We’re just testing the last bits and pieces!”

Look for the Compound Evolved in the coming months in locales such as Toronto, Chicago and Houston, and a special performance at Red Rocks on Cinco de Mayo, Dada Land Before Time. Check out Dada Life’s Dada Land  February 2017 mix below.


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