Every once in a while, two producers come out with similar-sounding tracks. While it’s bound to happen eventually in such a small industry like ours, the question then becomes whether it’s a blatant act of theft or something more innocuous.

Today, Duke Dumont is calling out Zhu for allegedly taking the vocal hook, vibe, and title to his new song “Nightcrawler” from a demo of Dumont’s album that was made 11 months ago. The demo was apparently in the hands of top line writers since last September, claims Dumont.

However, aside from the title, we have to disagree with Dumont on this. The vocal hooks are vastly different, and the “vibe” isn’t enough to lobby an accusation like this, especially when it’s just as easy to get in touch with Zhu’s team and try to figure this out internally.

We’re all for setting the record straight when an actual offense has been committed, but we think Duke Dumont definitely jumped the gun on this one.

Listen to “Nightcrawler” below, compare it to the demo from Dumont, and let us know what you think.


Image via Duke Dumont