Pandora is the latest music entity to get in the on-demand music streaming game…

Pandora Premium offers the radio-like channels it’s known for, with the ability to search, save, build playlists, ok, you get it. Priced at $9.99 per month, the service is equivalent to its competitors like Apple Music and Spotify, and offers a similar personalized music experience.

So, what’s different?

It’s pretty… Users are raving about its user-friendliness and aesthetics. For example, the new “Now Playing” screen changes the entire color scheme to match the album art of the music you’re playing. The interface is inspired by Rdio, a streaming app bought up by Pandora back in 2015. Also, The Verge boasts it takes less clicks to actually play music.

It’s custom… Building on Pandora’s specialty in tailoring to your music taste, Premium suggests music based on your listening habits. If you’re into in electronic music, you’ll see albums and releases specific to that genre rather than a homepage that shows you everything.

It’s blends old with new… Now, all of your thumbs-up selections will be on a collective, personalized playlist full of your favorite selections. The “add similar songs” function learns your tastes as you keep or remove the songs it adds. Many of the features are specifically designed to create an enhanced listening experience

Best of all, it flows… Pandora’s CPO Chris Phillips told The Verge, “Sequencing is such an important part. It’s not just grabbing the right music to put into a playlist for you, it’s also organizing it and sequencing it so it flows.” Theoretically, you could just press play and not worry about it!

Pandora Premium’s slogan says it all: Find your favorite music — and let your favorite music find you.


Source: The Verge