KSHMR has been putting out some high caliber material and his 2 latest releases are no exceptions…

“Back to Me,” with Crossnaders ft. Micky Blue released on Spinnin’ Records just in time to become a huge banger for festival season. The track opens with haunting vocals that lead to a dance heavy, fist pumping drop that is perfect for Ultra Music Festival and beyond. 

KSHMR and Crossnaders are an alliance that we hope keeps colliding for the foreseeable future. Listen below, and if this isn’t everything you’re looking for then we’ve got another KSHMR collaboration for you below!

If you love what you hear with “Back to Me,” which we’re guessing you will, then you’ll also dig this next track. C’mon, NERO remixed by both KSHMR and Crossnaders? The powerhouse vocals and rhythm of a NERO track remixed by these front runners make for an unstoppable force.

The best part? If you support “Back to Me” on Beatport, then the “Two Minds (Remix)” comes fo’ free!