With Ultra Music Festival only four days away, construction on the whole festival is well under way and should be nearing completion. One of the most daunting structures of the festival is, of course, the Ultra main stage. As home to the biggest artists of the festival, the production needs to be on par – and this year, we’re looking at quite the interesting design for the stage.

Fanatics know that you can watch a live cam feed of Bayfront Park at any time, but for the general public, this will be the first time they’re seeing a picture of the Ultra main stage during construction.

As you can see below, a top tier of LED panels are at a 45 degree angle toward the middle of the stage, while the mid-tier panels are sort of “wavy” – and since the left and right sides are offset, perhaps they even move?

This stage is not completed yet, so it’s still early to say what a totally finished production will look like, but we’re getting pretty damn close. Four days away!

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H/T EDM SauceImage via Rukes.com