The latest release from Gravitas is a powerful and beautiful new track from Psy Fi, entitled “As I Go.” The tracks begins with a swell of uplifting chords, setting the tone for the rest of the track with carefully chopped vocals and suspenseful percussion. The drop enters with a simple synth drop, displaying careful attention to detail rather than a flurry of mismatched synths.

The track is euphoric and melodic in all the right ways, giving space to the listener and mix so as to make each hard kick that much more pronounced, every chord that much more enhanced to the ears.

“As I Go” is a single off Psy Fi’s forthcoming Totality album, out on April 4. Pre-order here.

“‘Totality’ explores a powerfully triumphant and unforgettable journey through a lush and beautifully realized alien soundscape that is dangerously easy to get lost in.”