To celebrate their upcoming debut project, some members of Cosmos have shared with us a little taste of what we can expect. Featuring the vocalist and keyboard player from Cosmos, Campana & Pants, “To The Moon” shows the hip hop, jazz, and electronic influences that fuel the music behind the Cosmos project. Their forthcoming debut project Moonshine is set to be released on March 28th.

The track begins with a simple, clean rhodes with some noodles and chords. Campana’s rapped verse comes in as a simple kick/snare beat is established. Campana’s verse speeds up as it moves forward, creating a build up to the bass-y, heavier “drop” that the chorus offers. The chorus is full of horns, a distorted synth, and beautiful vocals. The Kendrick-esque vocals of Campana mixes well the electronic undertones given by this new single.

Check it out below: