David Guetta seems to have lost all unique identity as a producer with his latest release. Halfway between a garage band project file and a basic, dime-a-dozen club track is where “Light My Body Up” lands. The lyrics are ridiculous and largely inconsequential to the overall song, with quips like “Yes, bitch, I’m me / Pretty N-I-C / You get it? Icy / But my name is spelled N-I-C.” Yeah, Nicki, we know how to spell your name… It’s actually pretty sad the verses are so bad considering the chorus is somewhat decent.

Lil Wayne’s contribution to the track is similarly inconsequential, coming at the tail end with just some extra flair and name recognition to get on the charts.

It’s only just now in writing all this that I’ve come to realize none of this really matters. David Guetta succeeds at putting out unmemorable pop tracks that perform well until he puts out the next one, and it’s something he does with ease and grace. It’s certainly been a long time since he’s lost his identity as a producer in the sense that we think of Porter Robinson or RL Grime as having “unique sounds,” but that’s the path he’s chosen to take.

Listen to “Light My Body Up” below… or don’t, your day won’t be any different either way.