Yesterday at Ultra Music Festival was filled with special moments. From DJ Snake joining Tchami on the main stage, to Martin Garrix debuting tons of new music, to experiencing the new megastructure, tens of thousands of people reveled in bliss at this annual festival.

One of the artists who wasn’t on the live stream last night, Zhu, debuted some new music at the Live stage, as well. After Gorillaz debuted four new tracks the other day, Zhu quickly got to work and remixed one of the tracks, “Andromeda.”

The remix is classic Zhu-style, almost to the point that you can’t really tell what the source track is – it’s an unfortunate side effect of having a style so firmly rooted, but we’re sure this is just a demo and not a final draft.

Zhu also apparently debuted a new track called “Intoxicate” last night, which you can hear below.

Finally, fans who entered their phone number into Zhu’s website weeks ago finally received a text last night that reads, “You’ve been enlisted to attend the Blacklizt. Stay tuned for more info. – ZHU” At this point, it seems confirmed that Blacklizt is an event… but what, where and when?

The number input on the website is still active, so we assume fans can still stay up to date with this.


Images via Joe Vitalari @vtlmedia