Oh man… 2015 seems like forever ago! For some perspective, Jack Ü’s album was released in 2015, so was the Galantis album and also Zedd’s True Colors. But more to the point, today marks the two-year anniversary of the release of Madeon’s inimitable debut album, Adventure.

Many people treated Madeon’s album as a sort of sequel to Porter Robinson’s album, Worlds, which had been released the year prior. And I don’t mean that in any way that the two had similar styles or anything like that, but more in a spiritual sense. Both producers are good friends and both were releasing their debut albums, and to have both in consecutive years was a blessing beyond reproach.

Madeon proved with his debut album that he was more than just the launchpad DJ he first to came to light with in 2011, with “Pop Culture.” By collaborating with huge names like Bastille’s Dan Smith, Passion Pit, and Foster The People’s Mark Foster, Madeon also proved he could bring major vocalists and pop names into the EDM world without sacrificing his own unique sound.

Join us in listening to Madeon’s incredible debut album once again below.


Image via Rukes.com