Vincent Carrier, an eclectic DJ and producer hailing from Quebec City, Canada who goes under the moniker Lucky Rose has just released his latest single “Wild One” with singer-songwriter Tep No which is out now on Ultra Records.

With the snow melting here in the north and as we slowly approach the warmer season, “Wild One” will most certainly be seeing some more airtime. The track is perfect for those long unwavering soothing summer car rides down the freeway. The jam is complimented by Tep No’s crooning vocals and an absolutely catchy guitar lead.

Check out what Lucky Rose had to say about “Wild One” below.

“I had this production on my computer for a few months, and I couldn’t find the right vocal melody. A friend of mine told me about Tep No, so I sent him the track, and in just a few days he sent me his vocals. From there I added the whistle sound to make the track catchier… and that’s that.”

Stream “Wild One” below and if you dig the track make sure to support it here!

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