IT’S FINALLY HERE! … and literally out of nowhere.

Dillon Francis just dropped his long-awaited collaboration with G-Eazy without so much as a day’s warning, except for a tweet a week ago that said “soon.” The track is perfect Dillon Francis-style festival music, with massive trap horns and a perfect hook from G-Eazy.

“G-Eazy and I had been talking about making a record for the past four years but our insane touring schedules never let us get in the studio together,” said Francis. “In the beginning of the year it finally worked out when we were both in LA. One session turned into three and now we have our glorious song that we are so proud of.”

“Dillon’s been the homie forever and we’ve always talked about collaborating, so this song was inevitable,” added G-Eazy. “It’s basically the bridge that connects two worlds — it’s where we meet in the middle creatively. It’s a party track about meeting a girl at a music festival and finding love under the influence of multiple illicit substances. It’s about being straight to the point… say less means say no more.”

This is also the very first release on Dillon’s own label, IDGAFOS.

IDGAFOS also gets a shout out directly by G-Eazy in “Say Less.” “In the song you’ll notice G-Eazy says IDGAFOS and little did you know I’m independent now and IDGAFOS is life…and my label,” said Francis.



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