Pegboard Nerds want to make you shake your hips. Though best known for their signature brand of brostep, the Norwegian duo has been putting out a slew of more danceable house music recently, even reaching new heights with their Spinnin’ Records debut “Voodoo” in February. Amidst their “Revenge of the Nerds” tour, the Pegboard Nerds have unveiled yet another surprise single (this time with Monstercat), and it might be their biggest club smasher to date.

“Move That Body” will make you want to bump, grind and shake whatever you’ve got. Oddly enough, the track has a very different feel from the Pegboard Nerds’ last collaboration with Quiet Disorder, “Go Berzerk,” which was an energy-packed headbanger of epic proportions. This one, on another hand, is equally as hard-hitting, but with just the right pinch of playful and sexy to separate the two by a mile.

Featuring elements of electro, bass house and trap, “Move That Body” is going to be an absolute essential for DJs in 2017. Don’t miss out, this one is hot! Listen to “Move That Body” and download the track below:

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