MOTi is a producer known for his larger-than-life festival records, and has had such records heard across the worlds by millions. The Game is a step away from that sound, and we welcome it with open arms.

Starting off rather quickly with Yton’s phenomenal vocal, we’re instantly treated to feel-good instrumentation. With sounds reminiscent of 90’s pop, the analogue sounding drums accompanied by the funk of the bassline are sure to make anyone want to start dancing.

Instead of MOTi’s signature heavy “drop,” we’re treated with a melodic chorus. Falsetto vocal ad-libs, a strong melodic motif, and the same drums from the verse are present in place of a huge kick drum, aggressive super-saws and horns.

Although this is a step away from his older music, MOTi has brought forth a phenomenal pop record; a change that is refreshing and satisfying.

Stream and play The Game below: