If you’re a Porter Robinson fan, you’ve watched Worlds: The Movie, a fan made effort to bring the magic of his heartfelt shows home to you. Now, Huntroxic shares another concert film for Porter & Madeon‘s Shelter Live Tour, featuring audio and visual remakes produced solely by fans.

“The whole significance of the show is how it’s two artists, who fans have wanted to see work together for years, coming together and doing a single tour,” Huntroxic said. “And then that’s it. Once the tour is over, it’ll become just a memory. The movie quickly became a project dedicated to sharing and saving that memory.”

After the huge reception of his past YouTube movies, the fan support made all of the difference in producing the complete set-length Shelter: The Movie — that’s truly the next best thing to seeing it live.

“With the hundreds and hundreds of hours each of us put in there’s a very distinctly noticeable improvement from the Worlds movie in literally every aspect I would say.”

Shelter: The Movie is dedicated to those who weren’t fortunate enough to see it live, and those who want to cherish their memory of it. Experience it right here!

Producer & Editor: Huntroxic
Audio Producer: Porter Robinson, Madeon, Huntroxic, Thedialol, Kyllian, JC Music, Weldeon, Wolfen X, Michael Keefe, N3HL, Skylimit, Mushroomizer, Orlo, Biansci, BradyB, Ryguytoo, McMania332, Ferret, Straytide, Shrubpig
Visual Recreation: LostDexter, Huntroxic
Filmers: (See Credits)