Mindsight and LIOHN are two of the most promising artists coming up in the bass music space at the moment. Upon hearing about their collaboration, I was extremely excited, and couldn’t wait to hear it. After listening, my initial excitement was definitely warranted; this is a collaboration that serves both artists justice, and is a pleasure to listen to.

Starting the track off with a fairly cinematic introduction, “Adventure” progresses steadily into the climax. As soon as the record drops, we as the listeners are treated to massive drums, catchy melodics, and eerie chords providing a sense of tension.

Upon the release of aforementioned tension, the track showcases the melodic capabilities of the two producers; a very ethnic-sounding chord progression laying the footwork for a catchy vocal chop providing the ear with something catchy to follow.

Once again, we’re presented with the climax and the track slowly fades out bringing a larger focus to the eerie chords of the drop.

Adventure is available now on Sebastian Ingrosso’s Refune label, which you can purchase here.

Stream Adventure below: