Max Styler released his debut album Heartache last year, including the hit song “Gold” with Devault and Luciana. As we enter spring in this year, we’re getting some new remixes from the album, like this one of “Gold” by Jameston Thieves.

The original by Max is a euphoric and uplifting blend of trap and future bass, relying on syncopated beats and the ethereal vocals of Luciana, constantly bringing the energy up and up and up. What we get from Jameston Thieves is a cacophony of odd sounds that sound fantastic when put together, lots of rising synths and off-kilter drum beats. Though it sounds like an epic mish mash of random effects when put that way in writing, the end result is ridiculously enjoyable and intensely fun.

Check out Jameston Thieves remix of “Gold” below! Out now via Dim Mak.