A collaboration like no other, Warpaint Records teamed up with Impossible Records for a compilation album stacked with ten tracks from each imprints’ talented rosters. This collision course is known as Bloodlines Vol. I and consists of bass music’s foremost productions crammed into a forty-minute whirlwind of sound. From Bass Craft and Venon fusing the elements on the dubstep banger “Error” to the vocal powered drum n’ bass track “Let’s Go” from Super Square, Bloodlines Vol. I brings the best of both worlds into a condensed package of banging beats and bombastic bass.

One of the first song’s on the compilation, however, comes from KJ Sawka (label head of Impossible Records) teaming up with WB x MB for an other-worldly experience. On their track “Very Bad Thing,” the Destroid & Pendulum drummer works with the duo consisting of We Bang and Mister Black to create a dubstep track with an alien sounding synth for the lead melody. As the tracks leads into the drop, a sinister rhythm takes over through its pumping kicks and tempo changes. In short, what KJ Sawka and WB x MB have crafted is perfect for any bass music act to play at any music festival with its fiery presence and malicious funk.

Make sure to check out “Very Bad Thing” from KJ Sawka and WB x MB here out now through Warpaint Records and Impossible Records!