The numbers are in and it’s now official. For the first time in 35 weeks, The Chainsmokers no longer find themselves the top dance act on the Billboard Hot 100 thanks to Zedd leapfrogging them from outside the top 10 into the position of dance music’s current king of the Hot 100.

The Chainsmokers last commercial single “Something Just Like This” debuted on the charts March 11 with a peak position of #3 where it joined “Paris” and even “Closer” in a revolving door as the top dance track on the charts. “Stay” by Zedd and Alessia Cara debuted one week after “Something Just Like This” on tracking week March 18 at #28. It took a few weeks to stabilize only cracking the Top 20 on April 15, but since then it’s been climbing steadily before huge gains, namely in digital sales (downloads) propelled it 7 spots from #14 to #7 – one ahead of “Something Just Like This” at #8.

“Stay” is also #1 this week on the Digital Song Sales chart, no doubt contributing to its position on the previously mentioned chart.

The last time that The Chainsmokers weren’t the top dance act was tracking week August 27 last year when,  surprisingly enough, they were actually in third behind Major Lazer and Calvin Harris with their respective singles “Cold Water” and “This Is What You Came For.” That very same week “Closer” debuted at #6 on the Hot 100 – still their highest debut ever – with “Don’t Let Me Down” sliding from #6 to #8. By the next week, “Closer” was #1 where it remained till November 26th when it was dethroned by “Black Beatles” making pop history in the process.

If you’re wondering where “Starboy” fits into all of this, remember that Daft Punk wasn’t one of the ‘artists’ on the record, they were a feature on The Weeknd’s record. In any case, “Starboy” climbed ahead of “Closer” on tracking week December 17 which would have cut The Chainsmokers record at 15 weeks had Daft Punk been an ‘artist’ and not a ‘feature.’


Featured Image Source: Rukes