A new wave of high-strength MDMA reportedly leaves users “unable to function” and can inflict four-day comedowns.

Potent batches of the class A drug, commonly known as ecstasy, have surfaced in the UK with purity levels as high as when the drug took off during the 1980s rave scene.

An International Business Times article describes a new generation of ravers that are throwing large “super-parties” with such potent drugs that could result in a “perfect storm” of mass casualties.

New England has launched a task force to combat the super-party craze, and help young people party more safely. Claire Dean, a drug counselling spokeswoman for Lifeline, recently mentioned there’s been a huge increase in the drug — “the strongest available in two decades.”

She added, “For the first time we are having people coming to us with problems relating to MDMA. We have never seen that before. It is a danger to promising student careers. These drugs in the strength we are now seeing have a four-day comedown period. These kids are walking around like glass, unable to function.”


Source: International Business Times