It’s safe to say you’ve never heard Armin van Buuren like this before…

With his single “I Need You,” Armin gave three producers the opportunity to remix it and one in particular stood out to us. ANGEMI took the original downtempo, housey tune and evolved it into a massive production worthy of any main stage in the world.

Beyond Olaf Blackwood’s tantalizing vocals, ANGEMI crafts a bassline and drum loop that elevates everything by orders of magnitude, blaring larger-than-life synths and an addictive melody completely separate from the original. Future bass is definitely a perfect fit on this remix, as it makes use of sweeping effects and elongated notes to really drive that sound into the chests of listeners.

Check it out below! The full remix package with Galactic Marvl and Mokita is out tomorrow via Armada.

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