We are all getting the through this week just as if it was another standard week. Thank God, it’s almost the weekend. Nothing special is going down but hold up for one second…did Nebbra just drop a brand new EP on fresh indie label Name the Game? You betcha he did and we have got the pleasure of premiering this inspiring collection of tunes for that first listen. So, prepare yourselves…

After his first EP on Zedd’s Dead label Dead Beats the bar was set pretty high. However, Nebbra‘s second EP, entitled, ‘Primal Chronicles’ definitely raises the bar – bringing a genre-defying, mesmerising collection together.

This collection initiates with a mellow, chiming progression in the primary track, ‘Take My Hand’.  Climaxing with a Nebbra-signature drop, one of those drops which leaves no prisoners behind. ‘Take My Hand’ has the perfect blend of Madeon-esque synths and smooth driving basslines. Packed full of originality at every twist and turn in its layers. Take My Hand” features the vocal of Californian singer Gonzalla, who has quickly made his presence to the extent of singing on Kanye’s forthcoming album. Pretty cool indeed.

This moves ever so smoothly in the secondary track entitled, ‘Ashes Reborn’. Instead, starting with a more RnB feel to this track with reverbed claps and pitched vocals samples to hard kicking drop. Nebbra just doesn’t mess about when it comes to production and this EP is no exception. The second track is definitely a live set-born tune for future Nebbra sets.

Thirdly and finally we have primal. With the track’s name you know this is the showcase track to the EP. This euphoric synth driven tune build to a really clever drop which leaves plenty of space for groove with its sound design and unique rhythm. This EP left us wanting more, definitely in the mood for seeing a Nebbra live set in the near future. It’s great taste of the big things to come also on the Name the Game indie label.