Brimming with innate attention to detail and some simply wonderful production quips is the new EP from Californian based producer and DJ sumthin sumthin. His record Afterglow, which is made up of four tracks, happens to be his debut work for Quality Goods Records, the label ran by UZ. 

Showing a real confidence in his sounds, the Afterglow EP moves with precision and flow. ‘Lotus’ is a dynamic opener, blending broken up rhythms and snatches of melody with delicate composite. ‘Pink’ is hazy and grooving, before ‘Hollow’ takes a step back – focusing on short, sharp snatches of chords and chopped samples. The EP closes powerfully with ‘Moves’ featuring up and coming grime artist Snowy, a bold and well textured way to end the collection.

Pick up Afterglow here.