It’s official, Andy C is the most recent EDM legend to be recruited to the Canadian indie label Monstercat, joining the likes of BassnectarDarren StylesGareth Emery and many more that have released with them throughout the last year. Sadly, Andy C is most likely only going to be around for one release (at least for a while), similarly to Rusko‘s debut last year.

However, this one release –Andy’s take on “Speed of Light” by Pegboard Nerds– is worth a thousand. “Speed of Light” was already one of the arguable best from the Pegboard Nerds’ Nerds by Nature EP, but a fresh drum & bass take on the track makes it even more enjoyable, perhaps the best remix Monstercat has released in 2017. UKF even supported the remix, calling it “epic.”

In addition to the release of the remix, videographer Patrick Jean put together an absolutely stunning music video for the song, which you can check out below. Hope you like clouds!

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