San Francisco” is the first 2017 release for K Theory and boy is it a banger. Considering the debacle that happened earlier this year, the duo is now taking a new direction with a fresh start. Returning to their EDM roots with this new house/trap hybrid banger, the duo seeks to set the stage for a big 2017. I caught up with them to talk about “San Francisco” and how 2017 is looking for them. Check out the song and the interview below:

This track is a dark and heavy one. The original “San Francisco” is a bit lighter. What inspired this new direction for the tune?

We thought “San Francisco” would be a great track to flip for our first release of the year & our return to our EDM roots. A lot of our music is dark & heavy, this record is very expressive of where we are headed musically & we plan to experiment a lot in our new records.

What inspired the futuristic look of the album art? I’m sure you guys had your hand in that…

Shout out to our super dope graphic designer @allhailentropy for this cover art. A theme of this song is shaking things up, so this art pretty much summed up the magnitude this track has had for us musically.

What was it like to work with a guitarist and vocalist on the track? Did it enhance the creative process at all?

Working with Anthony Isaiah on the vocals was awesome. This was a concept track from a studio session we had together in early January. Guitar parts were added at the later stages of production from Ray Wanninger, who special guests on a bunch of new material we are releasing in 2017. Working with live instruments always adds an extra flavor to the production & it’s an honor to collaborate with such talented, inspiring people.

Is this an indication of what we can expect on some future releases?

Yes – monthly releases coming after this jawn!

What do you guys have lined up for the rest of the year? Anything you can reveal?

We have a grip of singles & we are working on an EP for fall 2017, lots of new music from us & a brand new live show coming soon!

Did you guys grow up in San Fran, or just based out of there now?

We both grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area & got our first DJ gigs at raves in the Bay. Before EDM reached the global phenomenon status it has today, there was a vibrant underground scene in San Francisco & Oakland that captivated both of us into electronic music.

How is the EP coming along?

The EP is coming along great, we’re bringing back some vintage mid tempo flare on this one & can’t wait finish it! Expect the unexpected…

You guys are involved with some social work as well. How is teaching LGBTQ youth to DJ been for the two of you?

It’s been a very fun project and shows how DJ culture has integrated into the new generations. This group of kids is very unique, and they put me on to some bangers! I worked with them for about 8 weeks & on April 22nd a group of the kids DJ’d for their “Queer Prom” in Salt Lake City. The LGBTQ community in Utah is extremely disenfranchised & religious oppression in the state has led to one of the highest youth suicide rates in the country. A lot of these kids face extreme rejection and are relishing for a sense of community. To us, the electronic music movement has created a unique community atmosphere unlike any other genre and truly unites people from all walks of life on the dance floor. I hope to inspire a few kids to become the DJs of tomorrow & continue to spread the love for electronic music around the world.