As festival season continues to ramp up, more and more fans of our beloved electric music are drawn out seeking the exciting, uplifting, and endorphin packed melodies that echo throughout the venues. For those who can’t make the actual shows, the FOMO sets in. Really hard. And it is for these people – as well as those who just need some amazing new tracks to add to their playlist – that we send you this. The brand new remix from Myon, “Heart of the City”, which will undoubtedly be one of the summer’s greatest hits!

Opening with the dazzlingly luscious vocals of Mariah McManus, on top of a simple yet scintillating piano-like backbeat, the song draws you in to its mesmerizing and echoey atmosphere. It then swiftly builds into an all-out euphoric eruption; beat punching, melody soaring, and background vocals taking it to new heights. From the  soothing and sparkling lyric verses to the all out jump worthy chorus, this remix will truly have you smiling and ready to conquer whatever the day holds.

So whether you’re getting amped up for the next festival, or simply revving up for a day at work or a night on the town, you best check this out ASAP — Get it here now!