Rising future bass star DM Galaxy continues to leave us emotionally overwhelmed with his music. From his beautifully remade version of Jack Novak’s “If It Kills Me” to his hit singles like “Our Weapons” and “Minds Ablaze,” DM Galaxy continually strives for bigger and better tracks with each new release. Taking time to reflect on himself, his music and more, the aspiring producer hits us with the Descent EP; a collection of emotionally driven songs telling the story of his reflection on life.

In his latest release, DM Galaxy compiles seven songs conjuring a full story that includes a slightly new rendition of his single “Our Weapons” and his newest single “Fight For Me.” The Descent EP tells both the story of DM Galaxy’s unhappiness with his music prior to this release and the greed he saw in himself. His long-time inspirations from the video game series BioShock also emerge through subtle references throughout these seven tracks. Combining beautiful instrumentation and vivid imagery through sound, this EP is a beautiful collection that takes a look inside the mind of this young and creative artist.

You can check out the full EP and DM Galaxy’s full story on the release below, and snag it for free for a limited time!