As an artist, you have to constantly be on the lookout for new ways to stimulate the creative flow. Become too complacent, and you’ll get bored of your own productions. That’s why so many producers and musicians listen to music that is far outside what they actually make or play live.

Emmit Fenn isn’t your typical EDM producer. In fact, you could hardly call either track he’s released so far “EDM.” However, we’ve really come to appreciate his vision and style, so we’re happy making an exception this time.

“Blinded” has a unique story behind it, as does most music. The inspiration for the track came when Emmit was crashing a music class at UCLA and the professor noted that repetition is a powerful force, because it can reinforce meanings in lyrics or phrases or even musical notation.

Emmit decided to turn that on its head and wondered if perhaps repeated phrases could somehow change their meaning. By changing the production throughout the song, steadily building intensity throughout, and leaving the lyrics the same, perhaps the words could be interpreted differently.

Ultimately, that’s open to the listener.