Following one of the most astounding rises to the top in his last year, K?D has become a staple on the radar of many high profile stars in the dance community. From supporting names like Jauz and The Chainsmokers on each of their headlining tours the past few months, to releasing his major remix of Illenium’s “It’s All On U” and charting on Billboard’s Top 40 with his single “Lose Myself,” the mysterious ‘kid’ has become a fan favorite of both music listeners and producers alike. Returning with his latest hit single “Glitch Boy,” K?D stuns us again with his impeccable talent for musicality.

Combining elements of his previous tracks with his signature redux style leads, “Glitch Boy” is a combination of both K?D’s dark production side with his influence from names like Porter Robinson, Illenium and more. Mixing Japanese vocals with rhythmic vocal chopped melodies and massive saws to create an ethereal drop, “Glitch Boy” pulls on your emotions while simultaneously making you want to dance around the room. Gearing up for a summer filled with shows, new music and much more, K?D continues to surprise and amaze us with jaw dropping tracks that will have you falling in love time and again. Make sure to check out the track below and follow K?D to keep up to date with tours, new releases and more.