There’s so much music coming out today that it’s easy to lose track of some of the brighter gems at the bottom. With Hardwell, Calvin Harris, and Axwell ^ Ingrosso all releasing new music today, it would be forgivable. That being said, you’d be foolish to skip over the new single “Dreamer” from Tommy Trash and DENM.

I’m a real sucker for piano in any house track, so I’m already deeply in love with this one. And then on top of that when you add the vocals from DENM.

“Tommy and I have been writing tons of songs together lately”, DENM says about his recent team-up with Tommy Trash. “We honestly work really well together. So in the midst of writing, he showed me this instrumental and I just started singing something over it. I decided to lay the vocals down and it turned into ‘Dreamer’!”

Check it out below!