JOYRYDE‘s single “New Breed” ft. Darnell Williams is just that — an entirely new animal of a track that will hit you differently than most bass house! Scratch that, it will hit you differently than most music in general…

The track came to life after OWSLA founder Sonny Moore, AKA Skrillex, invited JOYRYDE to join the HOWSLA compilation album. He already had a perfectly weird rough draft in mind, it just had to be developed. Then, as OWSLA linked JOYRYDE up with Darnell Williams, it became an absolute menace.

“I wanted the vocal to be a mood. I didn’t want to make something that was fixated on the vocal,” he explained to Your EDM. “Some of the words are a bit unclear. Everything is a little turned down and deep inside the record. It’s something that gives you an impression.”

Not only did JOYRYDE lend his stellar production abilities for this freakishly raw, and undeniably original HOWSLA release, but he wrote the treatment, directed, and edited the heaviest music video of his career in under a week and a half. Damn!

JOYRYDE describes “New Breed” and the accompanying film project as its own entity, not just one of his tracks. “I see this track as itself, and it affords me the ability — because it’s different — to do something different.”

“I just wanted the track to shatter any expectations of what it was going to be like. Because, that’s the worst — when people know what it’s going to sound like,” he added.

Mission accomplished, because we’ve never heard or seen anything quite like this. Watch the dark, twisted, borderline sinister, self-directed music video for “New Breed” right here… Plus, check back for Your EDM’s full interview with JOYRYDE soon!