It’s no secret that DJ Snake is one of the most quintessential hit makers in dance music right now.

The Parisian producer saw his career shoot to stardom through hits such as “You Know You Like It,” “Lean On,” and “Middle,” which brought him from a mid-day set at Ultra in 2014 to closing the same festival in 2017.

His first upload on SoundCloud is dated all the way back to December 10th of 2010, and there are lot of gems that people seem to have forgotten about. Here are the top 10 most under-appreciated DJ Snake songs.

10. “Birthday Song (Parisian Revision)”

DJ Snake’s spin on the hit club record “Birthday Song” was one of the most played out songs of the 2013-2014 era; mostly due in part to the Kovalenco Gennadi bootleg, which wouldn’t be around without the Parisian Revision.

9. “Get Low (The Rebirth in Paris)”

The original “Get Low” still holds up to this day, despite being released just over 3 years ago. However, not many people know of “The Rebirth in Paris;” a house flip of the original downtempo trap record.

8. “Pigalle”

Off his debut album “Encore,” DJ Snake and Moksi’s collaboration is some serious heat.

7. “Drop”

Released only as a teaser on his Soundcloud, “Drop” has only seen the light of day thanks to the Entourage soundtrack. Not many people know this song is even released, despite it being such a great record.

6. “It’s You (DJ Snake Remix)”

Duck Sauce has laid the foundation with their originals for some great remixes. One of these is DJ Snake’s big-room flip of “It’s You,” one of the best big room tracks of the era (in my opinion).

5. “New Slaves (Parisian Revision)”

Released just over a week after his Duck Sauce remix, this flip of Kanye West was one of the biggest trap records of the time, yet it’s almost forgotten today.

4. “Stay the Night (Remix)”

DJ Snake’s remix of Zedd’s “Stay the Night” has vanished from the internet recently. Thanks to “ILL DJ” on Youtube, we can still appreciate the remix.

3. “Sober”

With songs such as “Talk,” “Middle,” and “Let Me Love You” on his debut album, one of my personal favorite DJ Snake songs has gone relatively unnoticed, unless you’ve listened to the full album in its entirety. Featuring vocalist JRY, “Sober” is a beautiful song.

2. “Lunatic”

DJ Snake’s one and only release on Spinnin Records is one of the greatest big room tracks of the era. His collaboration with Mercer brings us a huge kick, loads of energy, and a crowd pleasing break.

1. “Bird Machine”

When “Bird Machine” was released, the app “Vine” was at its peak. There are a load of songs that went viral because of Vine, and “Bird Machine” was one of them, bringing DJ Snake loads of traffic. Without “Bird Machine,” we may not have had hits such as “Turn Down for What,” “Lean On” and more. So, thank you Vine and Bird Machine, thank you.


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