Martin Garrix has just turned 21 and he’s already accomplished a lot more in his last few years than some musicians will ever achieve in a lifetime – a compliment that speaks more to the producer’s stunning breakthrough from such a young age. “Animals” was that breakthrough single reaching the top of the Beatport electronic charts and climbing all the way to #21 on the Billboard Hot 100 – despite Martin having only been 17 when it was released.

In the four years since he’s had numerous radio and dance hits including “Scared to Be Lonely,” “In The Name of Love,” “Forbidden Voices,” “Don’t Look Down,” and more. He also topped DJ Mag’s ‘prestigious’ DJ Rankings last year, and headlined festivals all across the planet. What he hasn’t managed to accomplish just yet is the iconic 1 Billion YouTube view club that The Weeknd and Daft Punk managed to conquer earlier today. But, he’s pretty damn close and it looks like with today being his birthday the internet could come together to give him a hand if a few more like-minded fellows like Reddit user /u/vburnin lend a helping hand.

Right now, “Animals” is at 995 million YouTube views so he’s about as close as he can get. It’s about 9:15pm in The Netherlands, where he was born, so if the internet can come together for a few more views Martin just hit might that 1 billion views mark on his birthday – not a bad 21st birthday present from the internet at all!

Stream it below, it’s currently the 60th most viewed YouTube video of all time.

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