The Pegboard Nerds have released a slew of great originals throughout the years, but some of their most consistently heavy content has come in the form of their remix packs. Heck, just earlier this year their Snails collaboration got three especially hard-hitting remixes that each managed to flip the track in their own unique way.

Even with how close to perfection Deep in the Night (The Remixes) was, the Nerds’ newest pack still somehow blows it clean out of the water. Every single track from the already banger-fueled EP Nerds by Nature got a flip, and most manage to get a significant improvement. Andy C gives “Speed of Light” some life with his signature drums, RIOT shreds some serious electric guitar on “BAMF,” Anna Yvette wails her beautiful voice on “Melodymania…” These remixes provide some great new layers to the already decently-produced tracks.

However, it doesn’t stop there. After a three-year hiatus with the label, Virtual Riot is back on Monstercat for an unexpected future bass twist of “Talk About It.” Similarly, Quiet Disorder delivered a surprisingly groovy house remix to “Blackout,” while Gammer totally annihilated QD’s original collaboration “Go Berzerk” with his signature hardcore flair. Gammer said it himself; “I ain’t even sorry about what I did to this track.” No apologies needed, his take on the track makes for arguably the most unique and hardest-hitting remix on the EP.

Listen to Nerds by Nature (The Remixesand download the pack below:

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