It’s rare that an artist puts out a VIP before the official track, but… here we are. DISKORD are letting fans have the VIP for their new track “War” with Mikey Ceaser before the original comes out at the end of the month.

“Watching Terminator 2 inspired us and we’ve been working on a track called ’War’ with the amazing Mikey Ceaser, it’s coming out at the end of May. While you guys wait for that, we thought we’d let u have the VIP version and Circus have let us give it away for a couple of days, grab it while you can.”

Since even I haven’t heard the original, I can’t really tell you how it differs. That being said, the VIP could easily be its own daytime trap heater with free flowing vocals and that kind of wonky, main stage bass sound that could see the “dougie” making a comeback. I also really appreciate the utterly random 8 Mile reference at 2:07.

Check out the “War” VIP below!


Photo by Ryan Dinham Photography