GaBso is technically not a new artist, as he’s had quite a successful career in his home country of Israel. The singer and producer began on the Israeli equivalent of American Idol in 2002 as the age of 18 and since then has released three full-length albums and has received a number of accolades in Israel as a pop star and well-known singer.

Made Me Wanna Change My Name, GaBso’s first English-language EP, released in February of this year, and it stands to be well-received by the international EDM community. His style is a marriage of EDM and pop with some more traditional elements like jazz and Israeli/Middle Eastern samples mixed in for good measure.

The title track off this new EP, for example, has a light trap beat as its base, but its synth melody is definitely rooted in a sort of electro-EDM. This melody merges with another, more sparse but recognizably Israeli-style melody that’s also done on an electronic keyboard. The two melodies together create a sound that’s hard to pinpoint but is very emotive and a great support for GaBso’s extraordinary vocals.

The vocals on the title track and indeed on most of the tracks on Made Me Wanna Change My Name are in a sort of throwback 90s-style pop timbre, but there’s a definite nod to jazz as well. It’s sort of an improvisational style, where the melody of the vocals doesn’t necessarily follow the pattern of the music. It works here as it adds to the intensity of the track and makes the listener want to sit up and really listen to the poignant and politically-charged lyrics.

With this crossover EP, GaBso is set to be recognized by the international dance community. Made Me Wanna Change My Name is available now on Soundcloud and Bandcamp.