Yesterday was Gerald’s birthday! And being as they’re such good friends, Dillon Francis threw a birthday party of epic and exclusive proportions. All of Gerald’s friends came to share in the good times! All… like 14 piñatas.

Since Gerald is a piñata himself, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Dillon would DJ for 15 piñatas for 15 minutes, and we still can’t really believe our eyes. The set weaves through hip hop and moombah, as well as many of Dillon’s own hits, like “Anywhere.” Just watching this is making us double over with laughter, like… this can’t be real!

And in the end, the cops come in and break up the party, physically assaulting many poor, innocent piñatas who were only there to have fun! Dillon and Gerald manage to make it out okay, though.

Watch it all unfold below.