Weird music is just so… enticing. When I can’t understand why something sounds good, or sounds the way it does, it flips a switch in me and I can’t stop listening until I figure it out or get so tired of the song that I never want to hear it again. Usually the latter ends up happening first.

DiRTY RADiO’s new single “Champagne Bubbles” with 528 is that particular kind of weird that has made collectives like PC Music so successful. It’s that accessible kind of weird, the kind where you think to yourself, “Yeah, I couldn’t show this to my parents, but my 6 year old niece would love it.” Weird, right? Exactly.

But it has a definitely appeal to it – weird production, hip hop vocals, that juxtaposition of male and female voices with a slightly recognizable house beat and strange samples, they all work in tandem to create one highly palatable track.

“Champagne Bubbles” will only be available on iTunes next Friday, May 27, but you can listen to it onĀ Spotify and below right now.