Up and coming production all-stars yugi boi and DILP have teamed up for a whirlwind collaboration through record collective Lucid Monday, featuring a deadly, jazz-centered combination of the two’s distinct and soulful styles. “Mochi” expertly weaves diverse percussion samples, warm bass tones and soaring instrumentation, resulting in a swaying and ever-evolving concoction worthy of the duo’s steadily growing following in the Soundcloud circuit.

It begins with a series of smooth hip hop vocals above shakers and rumbling bass tones, until gentle guitar strums and resounding horns join the arrangement. Dancing saxophones carry the track until the main elements are stripped away, leaving the percussion room to attract the spotlight before the energy returns in full force above wide kick drums and rattling sub bass.

Both yugi boi and DILIP will be performing alongside fellow labelmates Otxhello, Sui.luj, Inimicvs, Blake Skowron and Callahan at The Catalyst in Santa Cruz, California on Monday, July 10 as part of Lucid Monday’s specially curated takeover of the acclaimed Norcal venue. Tickets to the one of a kind show are now available for purchase here.

Listen to “Mochi” below.