After what felt like forever (but was only about 3 years), Odesza finally released new music — recently dropping two singles just hours apart — and promising more on the way soon!

Line of Sight” and “Late Night” were both released as singles from the electronic duo’s forthcoming album, giving us just enough, but still desiring more of their signature, dreamy Odesza sound. Now, we have the first listen at a new ID thanks to footage captured during their show in Boise, ID over the weekend.

If the crowd’s energy is any indication, the third single from Odesza’s expected 2017 album will prove to wow their fanbase during shows and festivals this summer. We can only hope the electronic band premieres even more unreleased music during their 2-night stand at Colorado’s famed Red Rocks this weekend.

Watch as Odesza rocks out to the brand new, beautifully produced track!

H/T: Dancing Astronaut | Photo: Julian Bajsel