Robin Schulz has enlisted in the vocal stylings of James Blunt to accompany his latest production, “OK.”

While the tropical house producer and “You’re Beautiful” singer-songwriter aren’t the most obvious collaborative pairing, that’s exactly what makes “OK” better than OK. Schulz offers up an optimistic dance track lingering somewhere in a sweet spot on the piano-meets-synth spectrum, as bluntly (pun intended) delivered lyrics suggest a more doubtful, skeptic view on whether things will actually be ok.

Blunt sings:

So tell me now
When every star falls from the sky
And every last heart in the world breaks
Oh hold me now
When every ship is going down
I don’t feel nothing when I hear you say
It’s gonna be OK

“OK” marks the second single off Schulz’s forthcoming third studio LP, Uncovered, due out September 8. His recent collaboration with David Guetta and Cheat Codes, “Shed A Light” will also be featured on the new album, and at this rate, we can’t wait to hear the rest.