Oddly enough, the greatest of talents can sometimes be found in the most humble of places. If you haven’t already, meet Glacier; the little Ohioan with a big sound. Glacier was one of Monstercat‘s most interesting 2016 recruits, debuting on the label with “Dancing by Myself” last August. Listeners quickly took note of Glacier’s intricate sound design and detailed songwriting, which gained him the widespread respect of even Monstercat’s most picky fans. Just two months ago, however, Glacier defied all odds with the mind-blowing house/future bass hybrid “Neos,” which gave him the opportunity to show off innovation on a much cleaner slate.

Quicker than expected, Glacier has returned to Monstercat once again for another insanely creative single. Entitled “Nurture,” the song gives glitch hop – a style that has been out of dance music’s forefront for years – an unexpected twist. Though the track’s future bass influence is nothing too out-of-the-ordinary, “Nurture” offers a big change-up with its use of the 13-stringed koto, giving it some fresh Japanese flavor. To top it off, newcomer Brenna Myers (of Once A Pine) gives the track a layer of gorgeous vocals that wraps everything together perfectly and gives the song some serious pop appeal.

Listen to “Nurture” and download the track below:

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