Sonny Moore, aka Skrillex, has been busy in the studio all year, so just in case you forgot what an he is animal behind the decks, here’s a reminder!

He took his producer hat off for a weekend to low key headline FORM Arcosanti 2017 and tore it up in true Skrilly fashion. FORM, an organization co-founded by Hundred Waters and backed heavily by OWSLA, took welcomed back Skrillex for his fourth year — who has not only become an integral part of the organization, but a signature act in its exceptionally diverse lineup.

To set the scene, picture this: a minimal but monster of a stage nestled in a cleared crop circle at the bottom of a canyon, smack dab in the cool (literally, temperature wise), Arizona desert. Just a few hundred guests are trickling in from the festivities within the city when the man takes the stage. Dimension defying lasers seem to create a forcefield around the party, and everyone goes wild.

Think you got it? Ok, now listen to this crazy 2-hour long Skrillex set with IDs at 20:50 (released: Chicken Soup) 39:25, 43:20, 43:45, and 84:00 (according to EDM Sauce)! He absolutely slays it!

WARNING: You will go hard to this. Really hard. I watched my buddy go so hard he rolled his ankle, at the exact moment Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” turned into the “YOU!” of “Crank Dat” by Soulja Boy. Sorry for the spoiler, but be careful.


H/T: EDM Tunes