Omiqron6 is a new ambient electronic artist out of Mexico City whose semi-trappy beats and Eastern-influenced melodies pair perfectly with the more esoteric EDMers. His debut album, A New Kind of Lightning will scratch the spiritually-minded burner right where they itch: in that weird pink fox tail they’re always wearing.

Omiqron6 himself is very keen on getting the spiritual message out on his new album as well. On his Soundcloud page he advises that audiences listen to the music with headphones, indicating that there might be some binaural beats bouncing around, and when asked recently about his mission for his music, he had the following to say:

“In times when the collective human spirit is sunk in conflict, violence and suffering… I love to help elevate it. My songs are short stories made in sound about the triumph of the human soul. The triumph over the claws and jaws of human suffering. Please let these sounds take you into a journey.”

Indeed, his statement on his own music as well as the sounds he chooses in the LP reflect a connection to the most transcendent elements Buddhism and Hinduism. The first single off the album, “Om Is On”, for example, uses Chinese or Tibetan-inspired percussion and a high-pitched melody of a chord progression which is similar to something that might be heard in an Eastern temple. He blends sounds so well on this and the other tracks on A New Kind of Lightning that the listener may not be able to tell which sounds are digital and which are live instruments. It would be interesting if this reclusive musician would play at a festival like Burning Man or LIB, just to see how he puts the songs together.

“Om Is On” and its counterparts on A New Kind of Lightning are so tuned in to esoteric electronica that if the one is not imagining spinning Tibetan prayer wheels in a mountain temple, at the very least images of glowing hula hoops spinning during one of the moon dances on the playa will certainly come to mind. Whether that’s what Omiqron6 intended or not is anyone’s guess, but this music works well with those EDM fans who love to “elevate”, so feel free to get as high as possible on the soothing sounds of A New Kind of Lightning. The album is available on Omiqron6’s website as well as via the Spotify playlist below.