UK sound system is not a form of electronic music that’s spoken about much in the U.S., especially in the EDM sphere, but perhaps it should be. As this subgenre of two subgenres becomes more experimental, faster and more techy, sound system music has already begun to merge with dubstep and trap, and may likely be the next big thing in mainstream EDM. British dancehall veteran Chris James creates his new, highly experimental sound system music under the name Cid Poitier, and it’s about as trippy as a bass-heavy, dub-laden dancehall offshoot can get.

James began playing Jamaican dancehall music at an early age, and says he was quickly inspired by jungle and drum and bass, with their unique syncopation and fast pitch. He began experimenting with drum and bass and dubstep quite recently, forming Sub:Clef records in 2015. He’s had a number of releases which have pushed the boundaries of all the genres he loves: sound system, dancehall, dubstep, even neo soul.

Cid Poitier’s second release of 2017 is a single called “Zeitgeist” with a b side called “Grim Creeper”, and they show the diversity of influences and composition styles Cid has used and will continue to use. “Zeitgeist” is a dubstep-speed roller of a beat with a minimal, sort of ambient jazz saxophone sample which echoes throughout the track. Though it’s not expressly in any part of the track, listeners will notice a palpable dub feeling rolling along with the beat, which makes the track feel both experimental and familiar.

The “Zeitgeist/Grim Creeper” single releases on June 2 on Sub:Clef records.