Progressive house is a genre continuously evolving, with a special thanks to many talented artists who have been helping push and progress the genre in a incredible way, one being Max Vangeli. His latest EP is titled ‘Roads’, one that may just be his best yet. With it, he not only offers three tracks that root back to his original sound, but also spotlights his ability to consistently create music that is fresh to the ears.

From the soaring synths in ‘Roads’ to the gritty and electrifying bassline in ‘Sonar’, along with the aptly titled ‘Game Changer’, Max Vangeli’s ‘Roads EP’ is truly a work of art. He arranges and composes his music in such a beautiful, unique way that each song tells its own story, a story you not only hear but feel. 

Max also had a few words to share with you about the ‘Roads’ EP:

Since the start of my label, it has been an incredible and diverse roller coaster ride for me. I went through a lot of experimental phases in the past few years and I think these phases sort of took me back to this EP and made me want to tap into my roots and deliver something for my true fans! It was time for me to dive back in and create something special and somewhat of an original Max Vangeli sound a lot of people have been asking for. The experience was refreshing and I hope everyone enjoys this EP as much as I loved making it!

Listen to ‘Roads’ below and grab a copy at Beatport!